Elisa Korenne presents at TEDx Gull Lake 2017

On Saturday April 22, 2017 at 2:46pm, I stepped up to the stage of TEDx Gull Lake 2017. My palms were sweating. My hands were shaking against my guitar. Don’t trip on the stairs, was my only thought as I took my first look past the stagelights into the room. One...

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Overwhelmed by Fantastic

I’m often overwhelmed. Some days I’m overwhelmed by the beauty in the sound of windchimes. Last week I was overwhelmed when I stepped outside into a morning cacophony of birds and frogs engaged in spring chatter after a long Minnesota winter. Some days I’m overwhelmed...

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When the Devil Becomes a Savior

"The thing about a savior is you never know where to look. Might just be the place you saw the devil before.” ~ Hand to God  by Robert Askins Sometimes the things that save us are the very things that cause us harm. On Sunday, I had a rare afternoon off from baby-duty...

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Q&A with Author Elisa Korenne

Answers to an array of questions that you might want - or never would think - to ask. What is something not many people know about you? I’ve visited six of the seven continents (missing Antarctica) and lived on three of them (N. America, Europe, and New Zealand.) What...

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The Irony of My Sexist 9th-Grade Typing Class

For years I resented my 9th-grade typing class which was forced only upon the girls who wanted to sing. Until I discovered the irony: because my high school made girls learn to type in the 1980s, I was more than prepared for the information technology revolution of...

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Writing the Book Hundred Miles to Nowhere

A dreary, muted, winter, light shone through the diaphanous curtains in the eaves of my then-boyfriend’s home. I was a New Yorker who had just moved to a tiny town in rural west central Minnesota. All my friends were far away. I knew almost no one. In a word, I was...

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