Presenting at TEDxGullLake 2017

I have been invited to speak/perform at the TEDxGullLake event in 2017. I will have twelve minutes to address my fish-out-of-water story of moving from New York City to New York Mills and sing my song portraits about oddballs in history. I have a few questions to...

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Madams, Matrons, and Madwomen: The Women

I've started to perform my thematic story and song concert in honor of Women's History Month: Madams, Matrons, and Madwomen. Last night's audience at the Fergus Library was fantastic, and a few people came up to me after the show asking for a list of the names of the...

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Prairie Public Video Links

Eleven Prairie Public Television mini-documentary music videos of my songs are now available.   You can stream them here, or watch them individually, links below. The Next Big...

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Prairie Public Videos Online

Ladies and gentlemen, Many of you know that I have been collaborating with Prairie Public Broadcasting out of Fargo, North Dakota to create videos of my historical songs about individuals and events in the Upper Midwest. We have recorded and filmed material for ten...

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Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story

A Year In Provence for the “Prairie Home Companion” crowd, or Coop for fans of indie music, my memoir Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story explores what happens when a singer-songwriter moves from New York City to rural Minnesota for love, and finds...

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New Video Release: Hormel Girls

Did you know that WWII created a singing and dancing troupe of women who advertised the Hormel Meat Company? Learn about it by watching my "Hormel Girls" music video, created in collaboration with Prairie Public TV.

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I like oddballs.  I like them so much that I write songs, stories, and entire shows about them. So often, the individuals that society sets aside as "different" and therefore unacceptable, are the ones that are just a hop, skip, and a jump ahead of the rest of the...

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Using an Image Board

The following post was first featured on Mary Carroll Moore's excellent writing blog "How to Write and Develop a Book": Guest Post by Memoirist and Singer/Songwriter Elisa Korenne Elisa Korenne entered the creative-writing world as a songwriter.   She'd written a lot...

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