Elisa KorenneBesides FacebookTwitter, and all the other social media (click on the fun buttons below), the best way to interact with Elisa is live and in-personContact us to book Elisa.

Live in Concert

Bring Elisa to perform live at your venue.  Elisa can perform in spaces as small as living rooms and as large as stadiums for audiences of five to five thousand.  Her concerts can be tailored to your specifications.  Choose among a selection of Elisa’s specialities: thematic story-and-song concerts featuring her original historical song portraits, solo acoustic concerts, or full band performances.

Book Talks / Author Appearances.  

As a live performer, Elisa’s book talks elevate author appearances to a new level. Elisa usually brings her guitar and sings songs and tells stories in addition to reading excerpts from the book that has been called “brilliant” and “breathtaking.”

Teaching Artist.

Elisa loves to teach songwriting, writing, singing, performance, creativity skills, and her special brand of historical songwriting in the schools and communities.  She works with all age groups, from kindergarteners to retirees.

House Concerts.

One of the most intimate ways to experience a live performance is in your living room. House concerts have become a popular means of booking live performers. We’re happy to walk you through the process if you are interested.Meeting Facilitator

You’ve never thought of a performing songwriter as a meeting facilitator before?  Well get ready for the best, most entertaining, most productive meeting you’ve ever had.  Elisa has former life experience as a facilitator for Fortune 500 companies.  Bring her into your meeting, with or without her guitar, and your participants will be more engaged, more productive, and more creative, leading to better results.

Personal Songwriter.

Ever wanted to express something important but didn’t know how?  Songs have been the most poignant form of emotional expression since the beginning of time.  Name the subject and the music genre, and Elisa will craft a song for you.  Want a memorable souvenir of a family story?  A 50th Anniversary love song.  The sky’s the limit.

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