Elisa makes silly excited face with her huge book cover poster.

Elisa in front of where it all began: The New York Mills Regional Cultural Center

Books books books galore

She smiles at the mic

Hugging Sonja

I like to gesture when I read

Chris watching from the back.

I didn’t know I made faces like this. But, in my defense, I was reading about eating roadkill for dinner….

“I had the idea for a book in 2007. Ten years later, it’s finally here…”

Surprised by my parents who flew in from Florida in secret.

Vicki Chepulis, Krista Soukup, and me.

Mom takes the mic…

Sherry, Sonja, and Lina, with Ruth, Chris, and Wendy out of focus behind them.

Lina, Sonja, and me: the original writing trio

In front of a very supportive crowd

Signing the first of many books

It was a beautiful event

There were New York City-themed treats, including Bagels and Cream cheese and Egg Creams!

Chris and Elisa: small-town guy and city-girl making it work

More in front of the crowd.

It was a family affair.

Dad, Mom. and Mother-in-Law watching proudly

Small-town mother-in-law and big-city mom, getting along great

Amy and Amy: the best selling duo

Chris got me this cake.

Side view

The Cultural Center under brooding clouds

That’s me: reading my first book, at my book launch, in front of my peeps.

Many thanks to Krista Rolfzen Soukup of Blue Cottage Agency for the photos, among all the other things she does.

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