Music and lyrics by Elisa Korenne

Will you be my favorite, and tease me when you come to call
Slide down the banister just to prove you won’t fall
Will you change the length of your stride to stroll beside me
Then stand on the corner and hold me tight
Yeah, be my favorite

Will you be my favorite and stay in bed with me past noon
Set the alarm and then dream right through
Will you lose your way from here to there
And lose all sense in the scent of my hair
Be my favorite

When you’re around
I forget to breathe
In case one wrong inhale
Takes this fantasy,
from me

Will you be my favorite and say what’s hard for me to hear
Let me know you know I’m scared,
Hear the part of me that sometimes forgets to speak
Will you make me go ahead when I feel weak?
Be my favorite,
Be my favorite, there’s not much you gotta do
Be my favorite, I can be yours too
Be my favorite
Be my favorite
Be my favorite
Be my favorite

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