This is Elisa’s debut studio CD, which has garnered awards from songwriting contests and music retailers.  Songs from this album have been featured on HBO, MTV, VH1, and ABC.  CD Baby’s featured “Favorite” on their front page, saying:
“We’re really picky about what goes on the front page. We get about 75 new albums a day coming in here now (about 30,000 total) and ‘Favorite’ is ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS I’VE EVER HEARD.”

Favorite: Where you’ll stop when browsing the radio dial

Ten original edgy and elegant songs that highlight Elisa’s songwriting skill and rich alto voice. The album ambles confidently through rock, pop, and folk, with touches of jazz, soul, circus-eclectic, and a capella. Varied subjects and stylings show off Elisa’s broad array of influences.

Song stylings range from grooving rock tunes, such as “Find My Strength,” “Road Trance,” “Marrow,” and the alt-country influenced “Favorite,” to heartfelt ballads such as the power-belter “About” and the soon-to-be jazz standard “Flirt with Me.”

Song subjects include the true story of a 19th century prostitute in “Butte,” the tale of a boy who eats lightbulbs in “Andy the Lightbulb Eater,” and an Irish a capella ballad from the perspective of the object of unrequited love in “Instead.”

Produced by Daniel A. Weiss, who produced Ina May Wool’s award-winning Crack It Open. Performers include Billy Ward from Joan Osborne’s band on drums, Joseph Quigley from Lisa Loeb’s band on bass, and the folk singer-songwriter Joe Jencks on a capella harmonies in “Instead.”


About Elisa Korenne (pronounced “Eh-LEE-suh kuh-REN” emphasis like “Sophia Loren”):

“Elisa’s rich voice is amazingly addictive.” -Pulse Weekly

With her rich voice, smoldering live performances, and elegant songcraft, Elisa Korenne stands out even in the high caliber New York City music scene. Elisa blends husky vocals, engaging lyrics, and catchy melodies to create a raw, moody sound with a rock flair. Her songwriting skills have earned awards from Sisters Folk Festival, Great American Song Contest, Song of the Year, Song Prize, and the Philadelphia Songwriters’ Project. In any venue, she brings edge, energy, and the rare ability of consummate performers to keep an audience riveted.

Elisa has over fifteen years of experience performing and public speaking, that ranges from music and theater to the Yale Debate team and international conference presentations. For four years starting in 1996, Elisa took a break from performing music while she earned her master’s degree in international development and founded an international technology nonprofit called Geekcorps. In early 2000, she reconnected with her first love, music, and began to write a new repertoire to reflect her musical and personal development. Performing regionally and internationally, Elisa has created a sound that combines vocal intensity, sharp, contemplative lyrics, and a driving groove. After a variety of EPs, Favorite is Elisa’s debut full-length album.


The songs

1. Opening – Remixed excerpt of acoustic song

The chorus from the acoustic song “Gypsy Cab” edited to sound as if it had been found on an old radio tuner. The original song is about restlessness. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, acoustic guitar, violin, effects

2. Find My Strength – Smooth-groove rock song

With a steady groove and a bluesy-rock feel, the verses describe the body and gestures where the narrator’s strengths can be found. The chorus swells to a climax of joy, intensity and strength. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, mixed vocal harmonies, drums, bass, electric guitars, keyboards

3. Road Trance – An indie-pop rock song about traveling

This indie-pop rock song keeps the beat and energy high, with a self-reflective undercurrent. It describes the desire to connect with other drivers on the road, and the futility of trying (‘Drive by good-bye’). Instrumentation: female lead vocals, vocal harmonies, drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards

4. About – Swelling rock-ballad

Starting with quiet arpeggios of electric guitar, the verses describe a girl’s sadness and makes an about-face in the emotion-drenched rock chorus when the girl claims her power by drinking from the Communion Cup. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, accordion, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, drums

5. Honest Lies – Plaintive ballad

In a minor key, this plaintive song describes how clearly a person’s lies portray the truth in negative. The story compares the lies of a new acquaintance to the lies of a father and implies the inevitability of repeating the relationship. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, strings

6. Andy the Lightbulb Eater – Circus-y, upbeat biographical song

With toy pianos, pennywhistles, and tubas, this is the story of a boy who likes to eat lightbulbs, his rise to fame, and his illuminating end. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, male vocal harmonies, tuba, piano, mellotron, cello, percussion, bass, guitar

7. Marrow – Rock ode to dysfunctional love

With rich gospel harmonies, Hammond organ, and blues harmonica, this edgy, up-tempo rock song is about wanting someone so much that you want to suck their marrow. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, harmonica, Hammond organ, mixed vocal harmonies, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, mellotron

8. Instead – Intense a cappella ballad

An intense ballad sung by the object of unrequited love with three voices and Celtic-inspired harmonies. The song evokes loss, will, grief, and fulfilling death. Featuring the harmonies of Joe Jencks. Instrumentation: lead female vocals, male vocal harmonies

9. Flirt With Me – Jazz ballad

A unique instrumental treatment of an unusually harmonized jazz ballad. Later in a romantic relationship, the singer recalls the thrill of its beginnings and wishes her partner would flirt with her again as he used to. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, harp, cello, guitar, double bass, keyboards, drums

10. Butte – Moving ballad about the coming-of-age of a 19th century madam

Based on a true story, Butte tells the life of a woman who chose prostitution to escape her tight-laced life, worked her way up to madam, and then killed herself when she found she was living the same powerless life that she tried to escape. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, strings

11. Favorite – Quirky, upbeat love song

This optimistic alt-country love song describes original vignettes depicting authentic love. Instrumentation: female lead vocals and vocal harmonies, organ, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums

12. Closing – Remixed excerpt of acoustic song

The chorus from the acoustic song “Gypsy Cab” edited to sound as if it had been found on an old radio tuner. The original song is about restlessness. Instrumentation: female lead vocals, acoustic guitar, violin, effects


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