I’ve started to perform my thematic story and song concert in honor of Women’s History Month: Madams, Matrons, and Madwomen. Last night’s audience at the Fergus Library was fantastic, and a few people came up to me after the show asking for a list of the names of the fascinating women who inspired me to write songs and stories about them.

Here’s the list:

Susan Frenier Brown featured in the song “Who Was I.” Here’s the Prairie Public video.

Jane Swisshelm featured in the story about the dismantled printing press.

The women of the South who fed prisoners of war came from an anecdote in the memoirs of Henry S. White.

Maria Blaisdell featured in the story “The Minnesota Blizzard”

Madam Elinor Knott featured in the song “Butte”

Hormel Girls featured in the song of the same name. Here’s the Prairie Public video.

Ka’ahumanu featured in the ukulele-accompanied song of the same name

Victoria Woodhull featured in “Love to Love”

Rachel Calof featured in “Mail Order Bride.” Here’s the Prairie Public video.

Princess Spotted Elk featured in “Molly Spotted Elk” (at some shows)

Dorothy Moulter featured in “Root Beer Lady.” Here’s the Prairie Public video.

Sister Amata Mackett featured in “Sister Lumberjack.” Here’s the Prairie Public video.


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