‘Oy Vey’ is Jewish for ‘Uff-da’
is a live story-and-song concert by Elisa Korenne that tells the stories of the Jewish immigrants to the rural Upper Midwest. It features original songs about real people and events, stories, and explanations of history and culture.

Below are the songs in order of performance. To download, for right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) and select “Download linked file” or “Save As”:


  1. Introduction to Show
  2. Intro to “Moishe the Peddler”
  3. Moishe the Peddler
  4. Definitions: ‘Oy Vey’ and ‘Uff-da’
  5. Intro to “Courthouse Synagogue”
  6. Courthouse Synagogue
  7. Intro to “Hold On”
  8. Hold On – The Dr. Bronner Song
  9. Jewish Life on the Plains
  10. Sweet Dakotaland
  11. Mail Order Bride – The Rachel Calof song
  12. Intro to “I Can Do It Too”
  13. I Can Do It Too – The Sophie Trupin Song
  14. Intro to “When Feathers Flew”
  15. When Feathers Flew – The Wadena Song
  16. An Explosive 4th of July
  17. Intro to “Look Into My Eyes”
  18. Look Into My Eyes – The Sanford Berman Rap
  19. Sabbath Closing

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