Last spring I had the pleasure of working with Prairie Public Television out of Fargo, North Dakota to create mini video documentaries out of two of my historical songs: “Root Beer Lady” about root-beer maker Dorothy Moulter and “Mail Order Bride” about pioneer Rachel Calof.

The television station and I will be working together this fall and spring to create eight more mini-documentaries based on my songs about unique Minnesotans in history. Four songs are ones you may have heard, and I will be writing four new ones this winter.

The miniature, less-than-six-minute documentaries include historical photos interspersed with live images of me performing, accompanied by audio productions of my songs crafted by producer and player Ben Ranson. Once complete, the modules will be made available to schools for free and also broadcast on television and online.

I’m thrilled at the opportunity to have my music enhanced by the skills and talents of everyone at Prairie Public, and even more excited to have the stories of the fascinating subjects that inspired my songs made more accessible.

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