List of Publications

Elisa’s prose has been published in the following journals:

  1. “Tornado,” Midwest Prairie Review, 2013
  2. “First Christmas,” Northwoods Woman, 2012-13 issue
  3. “Satellite Dish Snow Bowl,” Lake Region Review 2, 2012
  4. “580th Avenue,” Talking Stick 21, 2012
  5. “Hitchhiking with Monks in Jordan,” Ilanot Review, May 2012
  6. “Roadkill for Dinner,” Red Dirt Review, February 2012
  7. “The Minnesotan Horah,” Poetica Magazine, December 2011
  8. “The Minnesotan Horah,” Interfaith Newsletter, December 2011
  9. “Prairie Chickens at Dawn,” Lake Country Journal Magazine, March/April 2010.
  10. Biweekly column, New York Mills Herald, 2007-09.
  11. “Finding Santa Claus,” Ultimate Christmas by Jeanne Bice, HCI Publishing, 2008.

You can listen to Elisa read her writing here: Ryokan Poem read on “The Beat” 

And for those of you interested in technology and international development, you can check out Elisa’s contribution to the World Economic Forum’s 2001 Global Technology Report from her former incarnation as a technology and international development specialist.

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