Hello, readers.  I’m pleased to inaugurate the blog portion of my new website.  It’s been a long time coming, and a long, steep learning curve, but I believe I’ve figured it out.  These days, I’ve been focusing so much on the writing of my memoir and the creation of a more up-to-date web 2.0 presence that I sometimes forget that it all began with songwriting.

Creative news today: another chapter from Hundred Miles to Nowhere, formerly titled How to Move to the Middle of Nowhere, was accepted for publication in a literary journal.  I believe that makes seven chapters out to the world so far.  More info when that piece goes public.

In other news today:  I managed to figure out how to reconfigure my website’s homepage.  Happy happy!  Also, Meadow the yellow Labrador monster sniffed out a skunk in the yard.

Till soon…

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