Featured as the closing TED Talk at TEDx Gull Lake 2017:“A Madam, a Lightbulb-Eater, and a Fish Out of Water: What Oddballs Know About Connection” by Elisa Korenne.

Elisa Korenne writes songs about oddballs in history. When those songs led her to move from New York City to rural Minnesota, she became the oddball. Sharing her songs, the stories behind them, and her own humbling journey as a fish out of water, Elisa explains how differences can create connection.


Read more about TEDx in Elisa’s blog post about her experience: “Elisa presents at TEDx“:

On Saturday April 22, 2017 at 2:46pm, I stepped up to the stage of TEDx Gull Lake 2017. My palms were sweating. My hands were shaking against my guitar. Don’t trip on the stairs, was my only thought as I took my first look past the stagelights into the room. One hundred  and fifty people and five video cameras glinted into view. I felt the waiting silence in my chest. I was so nervous when I took my first breath that I forgot to hook my guitar up to the sound system, and a sound tech had to come onstage to fix my mistake after I put my guitar into its stand. After hundreds of hours of preparation, my talk lasted only seventeen minutes. And for that brief span, I needed every single minute of those hundreds of hours of preparation… READ MORE

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