Yours for a Song
Music and lyrics by Elisa Korenne

(I could be) Yours for a song
Been in this window too long
With the vintage hats and stained mugs
Dusty books and broken toy trucks
Improved like wine
A better flavor with time
Take me home for a song

I’m yours for a song
I was built to be strong
Like antique globes and fondue bowls
That old boat motor that will never be sold
Made to last
A treasure from the past
Take me home for a song

Treasures can hide in plain sight
A trifle’s a prize if you look at it right
Once you place me where I belong
Everyone will see what you saw

Here where I’m yours for a song
Come back later, and I may be gone
You might spend all life long
Trying to find me again
Right here I’m yours for a song
And if you go wrong
It was only a song
Only a song

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