Hundred Miles To Nowhere

Elisa Korenne, an award-winning songwriter known for her original songs about oddballs in history, left New York City in 2006 to be an artist-in-residence in rural west central Minnesota. When she fell in love with the local outdoorsman, she moved and became a fish out of water in New York Mills, Minnesota, a town of 1100 people. To survive the culture shock, she wrote and composed about herself and other oddballs. “I felt lonely and disconnected,” Korenne says. “So I channeled my loneliness the only way I knew how.”

In smooth, well-crafted prose, Korenne’s new memoir “Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story” tells the story of finding somewhere, and someone, in the middle of nowhere. The book is an unlikely love story about a musician, intra-American culture shock, and discovering that sometimes lost is on the way. In her journey to span to rural-urban divide, Korenne describes adventures such as a three-day canoe-camping trip of a blind date, roadkill for dinner, and living through a tornado.

Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story by Elisa Korenne is available at bookstores and online.

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TEDx Video ScreenshotFeatured as the closing TED Talk at TEDx Gull Lake 2017:“A Madam, a Lightbulb-Eater, and a Fish Out of Water: What Oddballs Know About Connection” by Elisa Korenne.

Elisa Korenne writes songs about oddballs in history. When those songs led her to move from New York City to rural Minnesota, she became the oddball. Sharing her songs, the stories behind them, and her own humbling journey as a fish out of water, Elisa explains how differences can create connection.

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TEDx Video Screenshot

Elisa Korenne’s Appearance on The Mary Hanson Show

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Elisa Korenne’s Appearance on Prairie Public Television

  • “Big city girl marries a small town guy—that story. But never more engagingly told than in Hundred Miles to Nowhere.  It’s full of humor, heart, and in the end proves that love always wins. Women will love this book, and I did, too.”

  • "An absolutely stunning debut. Brilliant, breathtaking and hopeful. Korenne is the ideal storyteller: part enchantress, part dogged reporter, wise, studious, generous. Her book is a superbly crafted journey into the unexpected riches of the rural American wilderness, and of the heart."

  • "I'm a romantic, but even I would have given poor odds to a romance between a man and a woman with different religions, different careers, different interests and — most important — different relationships to the Minnesota wilderness. But no matter that one's a native outdoorsman, the other a transplanted Jewish Philadelphian/New Yorker singer-songwriter! "Hundred Miles to Nowhere" makes you believe in the power of love, and of literature."

  • Sue ReadyFreelance writer and poet

    Elisa is a brilliant storyteller that engages the reader from start to finish as we follow her heartwarming journey of self discovery from New York to the Midwest where she finds love and a place to call home. It is narrated with humor and candor. Elisa's expertise as a songwriter serves her well. The language in the book is eloquent and lyrical with each line carefully crafted. 

  • “Elisa Korenne has written an action-packed, heart-driven page turner. Each line is crafted with the focus and care of the song lyrics for which she has become known. You will want to slowly savor the reading of it, enjoying the rich nuances of Korenne’s words and brilliant storytelling. Hundred Miles to Nowhere is a narrative tale of self-discovery in which preconceived notions of identity are turned sideways, and we eventually arrive at a place where we come to believe that with a little patience and humility, love truly is enough!”

  • " Korenne’s memoir chronicles her odyssey from New York to New York Mills with lush texture, exquisite description, and engaging storytelling. With unflinching candor, Korenne leads us on a thoroughly enjoyable romp through her two worlds."

  • Taylor BarnesDirector, The Arts Center, Jamestown, North Dakota

    “ ‘Oy Vey is Jewish for Uff-da’ ” is one of those performances that is difficult to describe – because it’s so rich and complex. Elisa thoughtfully weaves stories and songs together that both entertain and inform the audience. The performance is fun, engaging, and heartfelt with original songs that charm – even our rural audience.”

  • Claire AvitabileDirector of Performing Arts, Sabes JCC, Minneapolis, MN

    “The show was fantastic – featuring a fun mix of storytelling, audience interaction, song/music performance, teaching moments, and so much more. Elisa is as professional as they come, both on and off stage, and gave a strong, thoughtful, humorous and heart-warming performance that our audience loved – from teens to senior citizens. We would gladly bring her back in the future, and highly recommend Elisa and ‘Oy Vey’ to any venue.

  • Edge UndergroundEdge UndergroundEdge Underground

    “Elisa’s vocals on [Infatuation] are amazing.”

  • Village Voice, New York, NYVillage Voice, New York, NYVillage Voice, New York, NY

    “…set apart from the rest.”

  • Marty Kasamarski, Marty’s Bar, Portchester, NYMarty Kasamarski, Marty’s Bar, Portchester, NYMarty Kasamarski, Marty’s Bar, Portchester, NY

    “Of the tens of thousands of shows I have reviewed over the past 25 years, Elisa’s music is at the top of the talent list.”

  • The Daily Collegian of Penn State University, State College, PAThe Daily Collegian of Penn State University, State College, PAThe Daily Collegian of Penn State University, State College, PA

    “vocal intensity…lyrics that reflect life.”

  • Siren Song MagazineSiren Song MagazineSiren Song Magazine

    “Bask in the warm glow of rhapsodist Elisa Korenne as her honest vocals offer stories of love and loss. From the first notes of her artful acoustic guitar playing, the rest of the world disappears and you will be captivated by her humble musicality. Reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan’s earlier albums, each song is contemplatively revealing. And Korenne’s skilled strumming provides a seductive counter-rhythm to every heartache and adventure revealed by her luxurious voice.”

  • Time Out New YorkTime Out New YorkTime Out New York

    “…a step above the singer-songwriters who haunt the city’s venues…”

  • Ron Olesko, WFDU, Fairfield, NJRon Olesko, WFDU, Fairfield, NJRon Olesko, WFDU, Fairfield, NJ

    “…someone we will be hearing more from!”

  • Pulse WeeklyPulse WeeklyPulse Weekly

    “Elisa Korenne’s rich voice is amazingly addictive.”

  • Sligo Weekender, IrelandSligo Weekender, IrelandSligo Weekender, Ireland

    “American star!”

  • Crossroads Music MagazineCrossroads Music MagazineCrossroads Music Magazine

    “En tout cas l’écoute de son premier album « Edgy & Elegant music » m’a rendu heureux… Vraiment heureux! Je suis fier de cette découverte même si je reconnais qu’il faut un peu de temps pour rentrer dans son univers qui se situe à mi chemin entre l’americana le plus traditionnel et un funk roots classieux. Pour le décrire, imaginez une voix mélodieuse qui illumine des sonorités âpres et rugueuses et vous aurez une partie de la vérité….Il se trouve, qui plus est, qu’Elisa Korenne est aussi une fille charmante dans le vie…. Brillante envolée solitaire en tout cas… Une grande artiste à découvrir d’urgence.”

    (Translation: "In any case listening to her first album "Edgy & Elegant music" made me happy ... Really happy! I am proud of this discovery even if I recognize that it takes a little time to return to its universe which is halfway between the most traditional Americana and a classy root funk. To describe it, imagine a melodious voice that illuminates rough and rough sonorities and you will have a part of the truth .... It is also, that Elisa Korenne is also a charming girl in life .... Brilliant solo flight in any case ... A great artist to discover urgently")

  • Nevers-a-Vif FestivalNevers-a-Vif FestivalNevers-a-Vif Festival

    “…la douce et belle Elisa Korenne. Issue de la scène folk-rock-indie new-yorkaise, elle affiche un style personnel, teinté de blues et de funk roots. A découvrir!”

    (Translation: The sweet and beautiful Elisa Korenne. From the New York folk-rock-indie scene, she has a personal style, tinged with blues and funk roots. To discover!)

  • Craig Hyman, Independent A&R/Consultant, Numinous MusicCraig Hyman, Independent A&R/Consultant, Numinous MusicCraig Hyman, Independent A&R/Consultant, Numinous Music

    “Superb, sexy, sultry, and soulful is Elisa Korenne’s Favorite. Her vocal strength is outstanding and I would compare it to any female singer-songwriter in existence today. ”


    “…stands out [with] husky vocals, engaging lyrics, and catchy melodies…”

  • Music MorselsMusic MorselsMusic Morsels

    ” combining the soulfulness of Tori Amos, the gritty pop sensibility of Sheryl Crow and her own distinct personality… Wonderfully emotive vocals and stunning songcrafting both lyrically and musically.”

  • The AquarianThe AquarianThe Aquarian

    “…captivates your eyes and ears…”

  • The New York SunThe New York SunThe New York Sun

    “Elisa’s silky voice wraps around driving guitars and soft percussion with equal ease.”

  • Indie MusicIndie MusicIndie Music

    "Korenne is like a great trapeze artist, floating effortlessly through a multitude of genres, her superb voice catching her each time with equal ease."

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  • CD BabyCD BabyCD Baby

    “One of the best albums we’ve ever heard….With the attitude of female country, the grounded rootsy sound of Americana and the accessibility of folk rock, Elisa Korenne serves up a convincing, professional album that straddles itself between Melissa Etheridge, Aimee Mann, Veruca Salt and Jann Arden. Even while she draws from various genres as different as adult contemporary and Americana country, her sound is cohesive, well-blended and really damn catchy. For those who lean towards adult female rock, this lady has guts, substance and yet, she never loses her elegant touch.”

  • Top 50 New Indie Artist Release PickTop 50 New Indie Artist Release PickSinger & Musician Magazine

    “Elisa Korenne’s newest CD, Favorite, couldn’t be released on a better-named label. Edgy and Elegant truly describes Favorite, and it’s sure to be just that as soon as you listen. When the opening track crackled with radio static and a hollow sound, I really wondered what I was in for. Then there were layers of drums, guitars, and bass that only accentuated Elisa Korenne’s beautiful, mellow vocals. With unique lyrics like ‘Twist-tie mouth wrapping up a puckered pout” and a gorgeous a cappella harmony on my person favorite track, ‘Instead,’ Elisa Korenne’s new CD belongs on anyone’s must play list.”

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